Vol. 7 No. 06 - April 2006

Vol. 7 No. 06 - April 2006
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Junior Brown Interview – Texas guitar builder Michael Stevens on the development of Junior’s guit-steel.
Revierw - Mining gold in Nashville with Jerry Kennedy
Review - You can do it if you try…“Steel guitar for the petrified” with James Pennebaker – resources, rigs, tunings and tips!
Review – 40 years and counting... The Goodrich volume pedal
Review – Saturated tone ain’t the only tone… The Fender Showman
Review – The ToneQuest King Daddy
Review – The vintage Western Auto 9528C amp
Review – Pissed off Tele tone... The Fender relic Thinline
Interview – John Harrison of A Brown Soun on reconing speakers
Feature – The Gibson Nashville repair shop


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