Vol. 11 No. 06 - April 2010

Vol. 11 No. 06 - April 2010
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Mining tone in the coyote hole, lucky strikes & the big '58
What is tone? Now you know... The tone structure of the solidbody guitar elegantly revealed in The Beauty of the ‘Burst
Shooting craps with Tim Shaw & the unfathomable nature of ‘tree physics’
Imperfect perfection... What we will and won’t do to the big ‘58
The ‘76 Silverback... Our quest to find and optimize a Silverface Princeton Reverb that can hang with a blackface
Ten Inch Tone! Our reviews of nine exceptional tens from Eminence, Celestion & more...
Chuck Thornton on building small-batch masterpieces, his new ‘Classic’ tribute to the Telecaster, plus our review

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