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Vol. 16 No. 09 -10 July/Aug 2015Vol. 16 No. 09 -10 July/Aug 2015

Jackson Browne gear & memories
Gabriel Currie and Echopark Guitars...
Visit with Jim Campilongo - new album!
Bill Nash’s excellent S-63 Strat
Bill Nash Interview
Nash NGDP fuzz
Dr. Z MAZ38
Dr. Z on building exceptional amps

Vol. 16 No. 11 - Sept 2015Vol. 16 No. 11 - Sept 2015

Todd Sharp Amplifiers... Our exclusive interview with Todd plus our review of his signature amp!
The '62 Vibrolux Reverb - the best amp Fender ever built?
Yellow Cake Effects - Fried Gold and Furry Burrito
The Analogman Envelope Filter
The Echopark Vibramatic Amp!
A history of Selmer Amplifiers... The vintage Selmer Zenith Reverb Amp
Speakers! The Tone Tubby Purple Haze

Vol. 16 No. 12 - Oct 2015Vol. 16 No. 12 - Oct 2015

Epiphone Elitist Les Paul - better than you can imagine
Epiphone John Lennon Casino - as good as it gets at a bargain price
NGDP overdrive Pedal - perfection from Bill Nash
Speaker reviews
Hermida Zen Drive - still among the best
CP Thornton Legend Special
Thornton bass!
Gibson GA-18 tweed - one of the best vintage amps you can buy
'65 Vibrolux Reverb - a classic you deserve to own
Lindy Fralin pickup review
Born Guitars
The Firebird - a toneful bargain
the Vertex wah

Vol. 17 No. 05 - Mar 2016Vol. 17 No. 05 - Mar 2016

The toneful addiction of the handwired Vox AC30
An interview with Blackberry Smoke guitarist Charlie Starr
Gordon Kennedy records a new album with some old friends, plus Peter Frampton and Ricky Skaggs
The Homestead BF25 - one killer little amp with big tones!
Modern Les Paul Junior - is the G Force tuning for you?
The Reverend Manta Ray
Wampler's answer to the most expensive overdrive on the planet - the Tumnus
Fender classic '72 thinline Telecaster
J Rockett the Dude pedal
Gibson Custom Shop long scale Les Paul
The saga of the Klon
The cornerstone of guitar tone - the 12AX7 tube

Vol. 15 No. 01 - November 2013Vol. 15 No. 01 - November 2013

Affordable guitars issue
Optimizing a Squier Cabronita
Fender Cabronita Thinline review
Interview & review – Mitch Colby
Colby Amps Jim Weider Sig Dual Tone Booster
Lindy Fralin & Jim Weider’s Big T Tele pickups
Upgrades for our Squier Tele Custom
Kluson Interview – WD Music Products’ Larry Davis
Analogman pedals: COMPROSSOR & Sunbender

Vol. 15 No. 02 - December 2013Vol. 15 No. 02 - December 2013

The Truth Issue
’64 Fender Pro
Warehouse G15A Alnico Speaker
Richard Goodsell Interview
Goodsell Super 17 Mark IV Review
Goodsell Overdrive Review
John McGuire Guitars Interview
McGuire tradition Review
Eastwood Jupiter Pro Review
Ron Ellis Betty and Betty MHW sets
Ronnie Earl  Interview

Vol. 15 No. 03 - 04 - Jan/Feb 2014Vol. 15 No. 03 - 04 - Jan/Feb 2014

The guitarist’s enduring Quest for tone
Vintage Big Dickerson & Magnatone 280
Interview with Ted Kornblum of Magnatone
Magnatone Single V Review
Twilighter Stereo Review
Super ‘59 Review
The Varsity Review
New Orleans Guitar Company Founder
Voodoo Custom Review
Riverhorse & the BK Butler Tube Driver
Our take on the Tube Driver
Visual Sound’s Bob Weil and R.G. Keen
Yoga for Guitarists

Vol. 15 No. 05 - March 2014Vol. 15 No. 05 - March 2014

Style… the essential, defining aspect of every artist’s work
Interview – guitar builder Andy Elliott
Review – the Elliott Sugar Pine Tele
Interview – Scott Phillips of Mahalo Amps
Review – the Mahalo AeM50
Review – the Arroyo –  from Gabriel Currie & Echopark
Feature – Guitar preamp tone by Effectrode's Phil Taylor
Review – the Effectrode Blackbird
Review – the Dumkudo Overdrive
Review – Sitori Sonics Reel Repeat & Harem Fuzz
Review – Xotic EP-Booster
Review – Nobels ODR-1
Review – Gizmoaudio Ripsaw OD

Vol. 15 No. 06 - April 2014Vol. 15 No. 06 - April 2014

Campilongo…Meet one of the most interesting guitarists
Riverhorse on New York, subways, and Campilongo
Feature – 1974, Rollin’ and Tumblin'
Review – 1974 Princeton Reverb
Feature – Dave Baldwin on vintage tubes
Review –  2013 Roadworn Tele
Review – Slider’s Tele pickups
Review – the sound of a top loading Tele bridge

Vol. 15 No. 07 - May 2014Vol. 15 No. 07 - May 2014

Strat happy ending in Ensenada…
New & improved Roadworn Strat
Review – Strat pickups!
Interview – Paul Sanders, Nolatone Ampworks
Review – Nolatone Road Hogg
Feature – Brian Wampler on distortion
Review – Wampler Faux Tape Echo
Review – the amazing Collings J35

Vol. 15 No. 08 - June 2014Vol. 15 No. 08 - June 2014

How Thomas V. Jones became TV Jones
Interview – TV Jones  
Review – TV Jones 20th Ann Ltd. Ed humbucker
Review – affordable keeper, Epiphone 335 Pro
Review – Vintage sleeper 1964 Gibson GA-19RVT
Interview – Retro King founder Chuck Dean
Review – the Retro King Master 50
Interview – Mitch Colby brings back Park Amps
Review – the new Park top-mount 45 ltd ed
Interview – Rec Pro Audio founder Ron Damiani
Review – the Rec Pro P2P Series 5E3 Deluxe
Review – The Dunlop Eric Johnson Signature Fuzz

Vol. 15 No. 09 - 10 - July/August 2014Vol. 15 No. 09 - 10 - July/August 2014

Shake yer money maker! Dog days of summer...
The Mighty Gibson Melody Maker
Lollar's P90 conversion for Melody Makers
Review - the new 2014 Melody Maker
Route 66... the 1966 Vibro Champ
Ttime machine '74 Vibrolux Reverb
Mr. Valco A/Bs the '74 Vibrolux with his '64
The midrange mod
Christian Towner down tension and V block
The 2013 Ltd. Edition 61 Les Paul Tribute
The AC30 revealed with Guthrie & Sharp
Last AC30 leaves Great Britain, Korg AC30 by  Marshall

Vol. 15 No. 11 - September 2014Vol. 15 No. 11 - September 2014

Martin guitars w/Dick Boak & Linda Davis-Wallen
Tone according to C.F. Martin III
Martin CEO-7 review with T.S. Phillips
Robert Keeley Interview
Keeley Compressor
Black Glass Fuzz
White Sands Luxe Drive
Seafoam Chorus
Red Dirt Overdrive
Neutrino Envelope Filter
Sfocato Fuzz/Wah
The new Time Machine Boost

Vol. 15 No. 12 - October 2014Vol. 15 No. 12 - October 2014

1960 Fender 5E3 Tweed Deluxe
Greg Hopkins
Best Speaker Comparison
Gretsch Powerjet with B3
TV Jones Pickup Fest!
Larry Cragg on Gretsch
Vintage Magnatones Revealed
Warehouse Speaker Swaps
65 Amps Ventura
Carr Skylark
Historic Makeovers Review
Emerson Paramount & EM-Drive

Vol. 17 No. 06 - Apr 2016Vol. 17 No. 06 - Apr 2016

'51 Squier electric
The classic Supro Thunderbolt
An excellent custom no-name Tele
The story of V Picks
The new Carr Lincoln amp
Louis Electric amps
Gibson Les Paul Junior
Lehle mono volume pedal
National deluxe amp
The excellent Squier Stratocaster
How to buy used guitars
Buying amps
Super Hard-0n
Allen Hot Fudge amps

Vol. 14 No. 01 - November 2012Vol. 14 No. 01 - November 2012

Build your own amp
Blackface blonde ’65 Tremolux
More ten inch speakers
Conrad Sundholm - Sunn
Conrad Blues Jammer 1x12 Review
Paul Sanders - Nolatone Ampworks
Nolatone Wicked Garden Review
Gretsch Electromatic 5420T
Setup guide for the modern man

Vol. 14 No. 02 - December 2012Vol. 14 No. 02 - December 2012

Pure tone - mp3 & CD audio
Gibson Memphis ES-330
Mike Voltz Interview
Who was Paul Bigsby?
B7 and Vibramate
Richard Goodsell Interview
Goodsell Valpreaux 1x12 amp

Vol. 14 No. 03 - 04 - Jan/Feb 2013Vol. 14 No. 03 - 04 - Jan/Feb 2013

Jesse Hoff
Lazy J 20 amp
Lazy J Cruiser Overdrive
Wechter Guitars
Abe Wechter Interview
Wechter DN-8118
Scheerhorn mahogany reso
Plek with Joe Glaser
’51 Nocaster fret job
'Ol Pete

Vol. 14 No. 05 - March 2013Vol. 14 No. 05 - March 2013

Rare classics
Everett Hull
1967 Ampeg Gemini II
Kalamazoo Amps
1956 Gibson GA-20
1955 Gibson ES-130
RS Guitarworks Roy Bowen
Lindy Fralin archtops & P90s
Strymon Flint reverb & trem

Vol. 14 No. 06 - April 2013Vol. 14 No. 06 - April 2013

Echopark La Carne
Builder Gabriel Currie
La Carne Review
Arcane Pickups
Rob Timmons
RS Guitarworks Slab Electro
Curtis Novak Pickups
Fender’s Shane Nicholas
Eric Clapton Twinolux
Conquest Sound Cables

Vol. 14 No. 07 - May 2013Vol. 14 No. 07 - May 2013

Wayne 'The Animal' Turner
Animalcaster builder Charles Scroggins
Fender American Vintage '52 Tele
Fender Pawnshop Excelsior 1x15
Fender Super-sonic 22 amp
Dennis Fano interview
Fano PX6 Review
Larry Pogreba's '56 Harvard

Vol. 14 No. 08 - June 2013Vol. 14 No. 08 - June 2013

Vintage Trouble's Nalle Colt
Boutique Tone on a budget:
Fender Blues Junior optimized
'63 Fender spring reverb mods
Pickup winder Matt Gleason
Monty's pickups review
Texas cage match con Riverhorse
Beater from Bakos Ampworks

Vol. 14 No. 09 - 10 - Jul/Aug 2013Vol. 14 No. 09 - 10 - Jul/Aug 2013

A Summer Tonefest...
Steve Carr interview
The New Carr Impala Amp
Maine builder Chuck Thornton
Cp Thornton Improv Review
Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster
Squier Classic Vibe Tele Custom
Upgrades: Mastery bridge for offsets
PIckup winder Slider interviewed
Kent Armstrong Rory Gallagher pickups

Vol. 14 No. 11 - September 2013Vol. 14 No. 11 - September 2013

Elvin Bishop interview
Chicago, Bloomfield, Hendrix Jams
Ron Ellis & Lee Roy Parnell talk humbuckers
Epiphone 'Red Dawg' Dot ES335
$400 Masterpiece with Slider's humbuckers
Kent Armstrong's '57 humbucker review