Pyramid Strings

We've been playing Pyramid strings here at The ToneQuest Report for years, and while there are perfectly acceptable strings being made by other companies that cost less, we're hooked on the beautifully musical tone, silky feel and extraordinarily long life of Pyramid roundwound nickel strings. If you have yet to experience Pyramid strings, we suggest you acquire several introductory sets. If your playing style includes string bends, we recommend the .010-.048 pure nickel set or the .010-.048 round core classics for maximum projection on the bottom three wound strings.

We currently stock the nickel roundwound sets listed below only, however, we will place special orders direct with the Pyramid factory in Germany upon request. Special orders include .009 roundwound sets, the full range of Pyramid Gold nickel flatwound sets (.010s, .011s, .012s and .013s ), Hand polished Nickel Classics, steel or nickel Bass roundwound and flatwound strings, and Acoustic Bronze sets for guitar. For more information on guages and pricing please contact us at 1-877-MAX-TONE or e-mail

PYRAMID® Maximum Performance Pure Nickel Round Wound

Pure nickel Maximum Performance strings feature a pure nickel wrap and silver plated steel plain strings that produce a lush and rich tone with vivid harmonic detail. You'll also notice that these strings feel slightly more flexible and last longer than other brands. Highly recommended, we suggest you try both the Maximum Performance Pure Nickel strings and the round core Classics to discover your favorite. We generally use the Maximum Performance strings on our humbucking guitars and the Nickel Classics for single coils.

Pure Nickel Round Core Classic Round Wound Strings

Modern guitar strings feature a hex core (hexagonal) construction as the core for the wound strings. This simplifies production and reduces costs, but the use of hex core wire also presents certain tonal disadvantages. In production, soft nickel wire can become slightly compromised when it 'bites' on the edges of the hex core, causing micro notches on the inside of the wrapping wire. Hex core wire is also stiffer and less flexible than round core wire, all of which can negatively affect the vibration characteristics and tone produced by the wound string.

Pyramid round core strings represent a return to the way strings were made in the '50s and '60s, with audibly enhanced tone and sustain. Please reference the enclosed information sheet when installing round core sets. A 90 degree bend must be made in the wound strings to 'set the wrap.' Simply make a sharp bend before cutting the string to the desired length behind (after) the bend. We use round core classics and highly recommend them.


Roundwound Pure Nickel .010 - .046Roundwound Pure Nickel .010 - .046

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Roundwound Pure Nickel .010 -.048 setsRoundwound Pure Nickel .010 -.048 sets

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Roundwound Pure Nickel .011 - .048 plain GRoundwound Pure Nickel .011 - .048 plain G

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RW Nickel Roundcore Classics .010-.046RW Nickel Roundcore Classics .010-.046

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RW Nickel Roundcore Classics .010-.048RW Nickel Roundcore Classics .010-.048

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RW Nickel Roundcore Classics .011-.048 plain GRW Nickel Roundcore Classics .011-.048 plain G

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Pyramid Heavy PicksPyramid Heavy Picks