Danny Flowers

Danny Flowers
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An all-star cast of characters churning out the good thang... Danny Flowers has been a wonderful friend and member of the ToneQuest advisory board since 2000, when his featured cover story was first published (with a Harmony Rocket peghead on the cover). Years ago when he was touring with Don Williams, Danny was stranded for a couple of days in a Tulsa motel room during a snowstorm, and while watching the Rockford Files, he wrote a song called "Tulsa Time" which was soon recorded by Eric Clapton. He's written a bunch of classic songs since, the boy sings his butt off and his guitar chops are reeeeeel good. "Forbidden Fruits and Vegetables" showcases Danny's rare talent with help from TQR board member James Pennebaker on guitar, Kevin McKendree on keys, Lynn Williams, drums, Stephen Mackey, bass and Bonnie Bramlett on vocals with a special appearance by Lee Roy Parnell. The guitar tones on this record are utter perfection, the songs rock (there ain't a throwaway among them), and the performances capture the very soul of American rock & roll. This CD is a treasure. Limited quantities of autographed copies are now available, so git yours today! 

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