The Michael Guthrie Band


A brilliant tribute to The British Invasion & vintage gear from Athens, Georgia Long before Athens, Georgia was on the map as a creative nerve center for progressive rock by bands like The B52's and REM, Athens' Michael Guthrie was re-inventing the sounds of the British Invasion he first experienced living in Germany as a teenager in the early '60s. The 12 tracks on "Right Honorable Friend" were recorded between 1964 and 1993 by Michael (guitar), his brother Herb (drums) and Gary Burnette on bass and vocals. In addition to a reprise of My Generation recorded in 1964, the band's 11 original tracks deftly mine the tones and the vibe of early Who and Hank Marvin recordings, and it is Michael Guthrie's brilliant use of vintage AC15 and AC30 Vox amps, his Gretsch Duo Jet and old '50s Telecaster, along with a brief appearance by a Plexi Marshall on "All Messed Up" that will really mess up guitarists. This is not a particularly slick recording – in fact, it often sounds as if it were mixed for the dashboard speakers of a Ford Falcon with the guitars and vocals front and center in the mix, and that's just one of many reasons why we love it so much. Fans of vintage British tones and classic melodic hooks are destined to covet this rare recording, as we do. Download sound track

Price: $16.99