Vol. 4 No. 02 - December 2002

Vol. 4 No. 02 - December 2002
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The King of Tone! If you aren't familiar with Jim Weider's work with The Band and his solo recordings featuring his vintage Telecasters, amps, and effects, it's time you became acquainted with one of the most accomplished Tele players of our time. We explore Jim's entire stage and studio setups, and this interview is loaded with practical tips on acquiring inspiring guitar tone.

Review — AnalogMan's Sun Face Germanium Fuzz
Review — Relic Tele Reviews! Fender’s relic Nocaster and '63 Tele
Review — Chris Kinman's Superb Noiseless Tele Pickups from Down Under!
Interview and Review — Savage Audio with Jeff Krumm 


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