Vol. 7 No. 02 - December 2005

Vol. 7 No. 02 - December 2005
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Twisted...  The Jay Jay French Interview...Just another tone freak with a POD and 40 or so vintage guitars talks about busting a grape in New York in the ‘70s, his gear obsession, the Albert Hall Cream reunion & the resurrection of The Twisted Ones
Review – This could be the last time… Cream plays Madison Square Garden
Review – The Ultimate ToneQuest Bluesbreaker/Cream rig – guitars, effects, amps!
Review – The Louis Electric JTM45 2x12
Review – The Analogman Beano Boost
Review – The New Hamer Limited Edition Special K & Ecstacy
Review – Zemaitis Reissue Guitars… Do they sound as good as they look?
Review  – The Dr. Z Prescription ES Head – “extra strength” and more
Article – The Radiators’ Dave Malone… Fleeing Katrina and found again with an AC30

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