Vol. 10 No. 02 - December 2008

Vol. 10 No. 02 - December 2008
SKU: Dec08V10#2

The Cheapest Thrill of All... Speakers – the last transducer in the chain that defines your tone
Jensen – Neo Jet Tornado Neo Alnico Jet Blackbird Jet Electric Lightning MOD 30, 50 & 70
Eminence – Cannabis Rex Red Fang 10 & 12 Legend 1058 ‘Lil Texas Man ‘O War Tonespotter Screamin’ Eagle
Celestion – Our go-to picks
Warehouse Guitar Speakers – Veteran 30 Green Beret Black & Blue Blackhawk
Fane Resurrected... The Axiom Alnico Series
Electro-Voice EVM12-L Classic
The Art of Dreaming... Optimizing the Fender ‘57 Twin
Analog Spring Reverb in a Pedal? Meet Mr. Springgy
Vanilla Fudge... Lindy Fralin P90s
A Writer’s Tool... DST U84 TNT
Fishman Aura with Adrian Legg

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