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Dear Fellow Guitarist,

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Since launching The ToneQuest Report in 1999, my contacts with so many intensely curious guitar players, and conversations with many of you over the past 18 years, I am always reminded that each of us has embarked on a personal quest to achieve our individual concepts of Ultimate Tone. I am constantly reminded of an enduring truth that has never been more apparent than it is today...

Finding your unique, Signature Tone is a profoundly important personal journey that is incredibly complex, time consuming, needlessly hit or miss, and often very expensive.

Sure, we all make mistakes using trial and error--that cool guitar that didn't meet our expectations, amps that were anything but tone machines, curiously disappointing "killer" effects and pickups, speakers, tubes and other accessories that just could'nt cut it. And in truth, it's finding the right combinations of guitars, amps, amp modifications, tubes, speakers, effects, and mic placements that defines the art and science of achieving Signature Tone.

The ToneQuest  Report is a unique resource that delivers a better way to achieve your Signature Tone--with the world's foremost experts on Tone.

The ToneQuest Report delivers expert advice, candid opinions and real-world guidance. Every issue reveals proven, inside secrets developed by the pros that have made the journey--experts who make their living sounding great or making sure someone does, night after night! We do not accept advertising. As Bob Dylan wrote "Your 'gonna have to serve somebody". And our sole interest is to serve you with a passionate dedication in providing you with the straight truth because we aren't selling--just telling

I am always humbled by the level of enthusiasm and interest The ToneQuest Report  has received from some of the most gifted and generous musicians and "guitar people" imaginable. I remain grateful for the tone freaks and friends I have met on this journey at every turn. Thank you for allowing me to share it with you! I hope you'll join us--renew your subscription now...Quest forth.

Best Wishes,

David Wilson


I've been a subscriber to The ToneQuest Report almost since the beginning. And I could'nt be happier! The articles are always right-on-the-money. I have purchased probably 15 things recommended by TQR and what's really amazing is I still have and use every one! Most of these products are not main stream and are far superior to the average name products. Thanks and keep 'em comin'."--Ernie Santella

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