Vol. 7 No. 04 - February 2006

Vol. 7 No. 04 - February 2006
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Introducing Eastwood Guitars and myrareguitars.com
“Radical vintage guitars that play better than the originals...”
Eastwood founder Michael Robinson on building replicas of the most bizarre vintage guitars from Europe & Japan
ToneQuest Eastwood  Reviews... Valco Airline Univox HiFlyer Stormbird Wandre ‘Doris’
Fargen Amplifiers... Benjamin Fargen Interview
Review – The Fargen Blackbird Amp
Review – Avatar Speakers & Cabinets – Aged Avatar "Hellatone" G12H30
Reader Q&A – The vocabulary of tone... what do the words really mean?
Review – The ToneQuest Clarksdale Amp is born!


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