Vol. 19 No. 03 - 04 - Jan-Feb 2018

Vol. 19 No. 03 - 04 - Jan-Feb 2018
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 Gutherie Trapp Livin' In Nashville, "The Greatest Music City in the World" 

 Step-By-Step the Gibson Memphis 335 Returns

Andrew White Sets a New Standard for Tone and Affordable Guitars

Joe Glaser, Nashville's Number One Guitar Authority

'57 Tweed Pro, Still One of the Best Tweeds

'57 Fender Custom Deluxe, Modern Classic

BC Audio, Bruce Clement's Grand Prix 100 Amp

2017 Martin D28, It's Never Been Better

Anderberg Custom Guitars, Exceptional and Unique

Evidence Audio, Solderless Connectors Have Arrived

Vox Fawn AC30, One of the Best Vintage Reissues Ever Built

Brondel & Thornton Nowcaster, Vintage Strat Perfection

Chuck Thornton Continues to Make History From His Shop in Maine

CP Thornton Bass, Best 4 String Bass Ever Made

'65 Modified Blackface Deluxe Non Reverb, Trolling for Vintage Bargains


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