Vol. 4 No. 03 - January 2003

Vol. 4 No. 03 - January 2003
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Glaser Instruments — When Nashville's top players need their guitars re-fretted, setup, or restored, they go to Joe Glaser. Our in-depth interview covers Joe Glaser's career operating one of the top guitar repair shops in the world, and we reveal his amazing PLEK machine from Germany, which dresses frets with a precision that will change the way you view a "great" fret job. This is one of the most requested issues we've ever published!

Review — The Incredible PLEK machine!
Review — Our TQR picks for Way Cool Guitars
Review & Interview — Visual Sound Effects and Founder Bob Weil
Review — The Under 20W Chapter of Club Whoop Ass (revisited) Our picks for new, little BIG amps! 



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