Vol. 8 No. 03 -January 2007

Vol. 8 No. 03 -January 2007
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How about some New Tones for the New Year!
Five years later and it’s still our #1 pick for an acoustic guitar…The Martin D18 Golden Era 1934 THE NEXT BIG THING
Boutique Vintage Vox AC30’s The Toneman’s take… How Don Butler makes a 45 year old Vox roadworthy Unbelievable… Our review of Toneman’s Top Boost kit
The AC30 Custom Classic… Affordable, but how close does it get?
Under the hood at Carr amps with Steve Carr… Our review of the new Carr Vincent!
The new Marquis from 65 Amps with Peter Stroud
Koch Guitar Electronics, Amersfoort, Netherlands Our reviews of the Koch Studitone, Classictone & Multitone amps
It’s hot in Austin,TX… Durham Electronics Sex Drive

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