Vol. 10 No. 03 - January 2009

Vol. 10 No. 03 - January 2009
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Spanish Castle Revisited… One year after our dance with six vintage ‘59 Les Pauls and a motherload of PAF & early  ‘60s pickups, has anyone nailed the the true sound and feel of vintage PAFs? Is there a ‘secret’ to winding exceptional guitar pickups? We asked, builders delivered…

Interviews & Reviews…
Tom Holmes
Lindy Fralin
Roy Bowen
Will Boggs Plus… Do you really know the tone of your guitars? Pickup swaps can’t add what isn’t there… Why we  bought seven Historic ’59s in 2008
Pots, Caps & Covers… Do they matter, and how much?
Our favorite contemporary humbucking pickup set revealed! 

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