Vol. 8 No. 09 - July 2007

Vol. 8 No. 09 - July 2007
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The Ultimate Sideman’s Hall of Fame… John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers “The more you think, the less you feel…” The Walter Trout Interview! His new, one-take recording and playing the same rig for 17 years…

Coco Montoya on playing with Walter, the amp that “kills all life in front of it,” his new CD with guests from Little Feat, the  new Carr Vincent & the Klon that stays ‘on’
Joe Bonamassa on dropping the Stratocaster, new amps, new CD, and the beauty of Auraflex
Review – The Mesa Boogie Mark IV
Review – The ‘vintage’ Boss DD3 digital delay… cheap, compact and better than analog!
Review – Sixties fuzz resurrected… The Analog Man Peppermint Fuzz
Review – Hahn Guitars


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