Vol. 9 No. 09 - July 2008

Vol. 9 No. 09 - July 2008
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Making the right choice the first time... It’s what we all want, and it’s never been tougher... Finding the (affordable) Wild  Things that inspire...
The 1964 Blackface Deluxe – So much better than you remember, and cheaper, too!
The most overlooked, versatile & toneful Blackface Fender? The ‘golden voice’ of the ‘64 Blackface Pro 1x15... Essential  Blackface midrange, gain and power ‘mods’ revisited
Jim Campilongo on the new Fender reissue Blackface Princeton Reverb
Todd Sharp on the real differences between Blackface amps with and without reverb, plus Q&A on the reissue Deluxe  Reverb
Are You a Valco Man? The Supro 1696T 1x15, ‘Tea for One,’ plus the return of Mr.Valco
Riverhorse scores a ‘53 National De-luxe
Lost & Found... a letter from Ken Fischer
The Outer Limits! New from Juha Ruokangas... The Duke Twin-Sonic and Mojo with Curved Frets and Thidell Formula I ‘True Temperament
Adrian Legg reviews the Effectrode Phase-o-matic Deluxe

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