Vol. 10 No. 09-10 - July-August 2009

Vol. 10 No. 09-10 - July-August 2009
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A most excellent hang... Our interview with Little Feat guitarist Paul Barrere
It’s August... It’s hot.This is hotter... The return of Dixie Chicken!
Review – The Rivera Venus 3... a dual 6V6 1x12 that will rock your world!
Interview – Mike Piera (Analogman) on the history of compression pedals
Review – Analogman Comprosser
The King of Ponce on Amp Mods... Jeff Bakos gives it up on his favorite ‘mods’
Review – When less is more... the Amp Preserver
Feature – The momentary suspension of disbelief and the search for the holy wail...
Without clarity,you got nuthin’
Interview and Review – Bob Burt’s Clean Boost, Overdrive & heirloom pine
Interview and Review – Noiseless in Richmond... Lindy Fralin’s noiseless P90 & Strat pickups!

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