Vol. 8 No. 08 - June 2007

Vol. 8 No. 08 - June 2007
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The Art of Vintage Amp Restoration…
The next big thing in ‘vintage’ amps – Gregg Hopkins’ aged tweed restorations revealed!
The Quest for Tweed Tone on the cheap… Think you can’t afford a vintage Fender tweed amp bigger than a Champ? Think again…
Scoring and restoring a ‘58 Vibrolux & ‘58 Tremolux
Yes, you can build your dream… Jeff Swanson on custom cabinet building The Ultimate sharp-dressed amp…
Our vintage AC30 gets a makeover as an authentic Vox blonde with Swanson Custom Sound
The DST 30 ‘Redhead’ with Bob Dettorre\ The Gibson Custom Shop KS336 from the “Inspired By”  Series
Recording the Beatles


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