Vol. 10 No. 08 - June 2009

Vol. 10 No. 08 - June 2009
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Desiderata... Why limiting our focus on those things that are essential has never been more important
If I Only Had a Burst...Gordon Kennedy & Peter Frampton on finding deep water and happiness with Les Paul guitars
Interview and Review – Introducing Wolfgang Damm & his Amber ‘59 PAF & Classic pickups
Interview – Joe Glaser on the predictable nature of unpredictability in guitar building
Interview and Review – The Flaxwood guitar story from Finland, plus our reviews
Review – Are You Biased? Tune up your amps now with the Compu-Bias
Review – Bang the Drum...Nickel silver vs. stainless fret wire
Review – 1964 revisited! Why our ‘66 Jensen C12N recones rock
Feature – Coming soon... Guitar Town at Copper Mountain and another stellar lineup!

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