Vol. 8 No. 05 - March 2007

Vol. 8 No. 05 - March 2007
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The Reluctant Messiah... Roy Buchanan Rediscovering the quintessential dark horse among the greatest guitarists of  all time
“Roy made me do it...” Jim Weider’s quest for a blackguard Telecaster
Review – The new JW40 signature amp by Fargen, plus interviews with Benjamin Fargen & Mike Piera (Analogman)
Review –  Celestion Heritage G12-65
Review – 2006 Fender ‘51 Nocaster tweaked for tone!
Nocaster pickups... #154 frets Callaham compensated brass  saddles, 4-way reversed wiring & aged Gotoh vintage-style tuners
Inside Peter Frampton’s Grammy-winning album “Fingerprints...” with co-producer Gordon Kennedy... Our pick for the best “guitar recording” released in decades 



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