Vol. 4 No. 07 - May 2003

Vol. 4 No. 07 - May 2003
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When are expensive custom-built guitars and amps really worth their heavy pricetags? Can you capture the signature tone you crave on the cheap? Uh, huh...  Meet Joe Naylor, founder of Reverend instruments and amplifiers.  He's figured out how to build affordable gear that sounds and plays like gear costing way more than you think!

Interview — Joe Naylor
Review — The Reverend Hellhound, Slingshot and Drivetrain II
Interview — Bernie Hefner & the B. Hefner Co.
Review — The new AC30 Point-to-Point reissue - Better than vintage!
Review — Euro Tone — The Lehle Switching Boxes and Carl Martin Pedals\
Review — Callaham Custom Guitar Parts and Makeover 

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