Vol. 10 No. 01 - November 2008

Vol. 10 No. 01 - November 2008
SKU: Nov08V10#1

10th Anniversary Issue
AMPS ... Andy Marshall, Pete Anderson, Junior Watson, Anson Funderburgh and more...
Joe Bonamassa’s Baffling Tonundrum
VINTAGE GUITARS with John Sprung, Joe Glaser & Walter Trout
GUITAR PEOPLE... Larry Cragg, Stephen Bruton, Fred Stuart, Juha Ruokangas & Bill Collings
PiICKUPS according to J.T. Riboloff, Tom Holmes, César Diaz & Lindy Fralin
SPEAKERS with Dr. Z,Ted Weber, Bob Gault
RECORDING with Eric Johnson, Tom Dowd
THE ROAD... Walter Trout & Rick Holmstrom


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