Vol. 10 No. 12 - November 2009

Vol. 10 No. 12 - November 2009
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Magnatone Amps... Forgotten for no good reason –still phenomenal and affordable. We score a mint ‘61Magnatone 280-A from 'Vern' in Redlands...
Review – From a player like you... Jeff Morris breaks down the Magnatone 400 Seriesone-by-one
Review – The ‘59 Magnatone professional 190
Feature – Neil’s Rig
Interview and Review – New from Lou Rosano & Louis Electric! You really, really need you one of these...Really. Meet the Buster, plus our review of the Louis KR12
Interview – The Robben Ford Interview Part 1
The Big Scream...Riverhorse spanks the holy grail!
‘Goodbye Les’ with Lou Pallo
The Last Les Paul...We find another stunner

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