Vol. 10 No. 11 - October 2009

Vol. 10 No. 11 - October 2009
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The endless quest for tone is alive and well… We explore Mark Karan’s stage rig with Rat Dog and a track-by-track review of his new solo CD –  Walk Through the Fire
Interview & Review – Scotty Smith’s ProAnalog SupaQuack wah
Review –Mark Karan’s Fuchs ‘Plush’Créme de la Trem
Just how mad is the Mad Professor? Chief designer Björn Juhl discusses the 100 watt MP101 & Old School 21 Mad Professor amps, plus our reviews
Bird on a wire for three bills and change…The ‘59 Gibson GA-5 Skylark
The Nekkid Truth –Your burning questions answered at the drive-thru window of tone with the founders of Two Rock amps
Review – A Dumble Book... finally, somebody wrote it.

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