Vol. 3 No. 11 - September 2002

Vol. 3 No. 11 - September 2002
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Jim Marshall! Our exclusive, in-depth interview with Jim Marshall is a rare treat for all fans of Marshall amplifiers. This is one of the most extensive interviews ever published with the man who created the sound of rock & roll.

Interview — Doug Roccaforte reviews the great Marshall amps of the past. You'll learn the subtle differences between models built from the mid sixties to the early eighties.
Review — Our 1970 Park 50W, optimized by Doug Roccaforte
Review — The current production Marshall JTM45
Review — Acquiring maximum vintage Les Paul tone on a budget
Review — The Fishman Powerbridge with Peter Stroud
Review — The Carr 1x15 Slant 6 with Danny Flowers 


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