Vol. 15 No. 01 - November 2013

Vol. 15 No. 01 - November 2013
SKU: Nov13V15No01

Que pasa? More than you may know when it comes to affordable guitars

Review – Viva la Cabronita! Our review of the Squier Cabronita optimized with Kluson tuners, Callaham steel saddles and CTS mini pot
Review – The Fender shoreline gold Cabronita Thinline rocks
Interview & review – Mitch Colby on the Colby Jim Weider Signature Dual Tone Booster amp plus our review
Review – Lindy Fralin & Jim Weider’s Big T Tele pickups
Review – The Big Tease… More upgrades for our Squier Tele Custom
Interview – WD Music Products’ Larry Davis on Klusons
Review – Analogman pedal fest! Our reviews of the COMPROSSOR and Sunbender

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