Vol. 15 No. 02 - December 2013

Vol. 15 No. 02 - December 2013
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Truth… Rarely given, we know it when we hear it and you can only get it here
The Kansas Tornado – Why our ’64 Fender Pro is another immensely toneful classic that went unclaimed
Size matters… the Warehouse G15A Alnico Big Fifteen speaker
Interview – Richard Goodsell and the evolution of the Goodsell Super 17
Review – The Goodsell Super 17 Mark IV
Review – The Goodsell Overdrive
Interview – John McGuire Guitars
Review – Our review of the McGuire tradition
Review – The Eastwood Jupiter Pro
Review – More humbuckers from Ron Ellis – the Betty and Betty MHW sets
Interview – Just for today… a visit with Ronnie Earl  

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