Vol. 15 No. 06 - April 2014

Vol. 15 No. 06 - April 2014
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Campilongo…Meet one of the most interesting and creative guitarists of our time! Jim on guitars, amps, recording, tone, influences, evolving and living in New York, plus, recording Dream Dictionary
Feature – 26… Riverhorse on New York, subways, the call of nature and catching Campilongo in Brooklyn…
Feature – 1974, Rollin’ and Tumblin’… Remembering the Bluebird, 714s, a dead Nova, a new Caddie, three weeks in Negril and the demise of Dick Nixon
Review – 1974 Princeton Reverb – the best of them all – we optimize a mesmerizing amplifier with Sozos, a Celestion Greenback, and a matched pair of RCA 6V6s
Feature – Dave Baldwin on vintage tubes – the ones you want and how to buy them
Review – One of the best guitars we have ever found – 2013 Roadworn Tele
Review – Slider’s Tele pickups
Review – the sound of a top loading Tele bridge revealed

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