Vol. 17 No. 01 - Nov 2015

Vol. 17 No. 01 - Nov 2015
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The toneful addiction of the handwired Vox AC30
What to buy and our recommended modifications for tone that inspires!
Introducing a truly great and classic guitar that can be had cheap!
The Gibson 120th Anniversary Firebird
An essential upgrade with Lollar Firebird pickups
Great small amp - The Allen LF model amplifier
Meet Val McCallum…
Guitarist with Jackson Browne, Val talks tone as only he can!
The Supro 1696TM Amplifier
BC Audio JTX 50 Octal Plexi - Another killer amp from BC Audio
1970 Gibson J45
The beauty of the magical 4x12 cab
Allstar pedal review
The $100 Danelectro
You need this: Ampeg Reverberocket!

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