Vol. 18 No. 09 -10 Jul - Aug 2017

Vol. 18 No. 09 -10 Jul - Aug 2017
Tom Holmes Pickups. How He Reproduced True '50s Humbucking Pickup Tone
Becoming a Tool Maker
Meeting George Gruhn
Working With Billy Gibbons and Bo Diddley
Building the Flying V for Albert King
Building Pickups for Peter Frampton's Phenix Guitar
Tom Holmes PAF Pickup Review
Sonny Landreth, The King of Slydeco
Discovering the Fish Fluence Pickups
Gibson Builds New Classics ES275 and the 1958 ES335
Victoria's Mark Baier and the Future of Guitar Amplification
Victoria Sovereign Review
Review: Catalinbread Topanga Spring Reverb



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