Vol. 18 NO. 12 - OCT 2017

Vol. 18 NO. 12 - OCT 2017

Lee Roy Parnell: New CD, New Pickups, New Old Amps = New Old Tones

Lee Roy's Signature Les Paul and Ron Ellis' Classic Humbucking Pickups

TV Front Pro and '59 Bandmaster

Joe Robinson, Young and Incredibly Gifted

Inspired by Tommy Emmanuel

Limited Edition Gretsch White Falcon Junior

John Jorgenson, An American Treasure Part 2

"You've Got Your First Number One Record"

Playing With Elton John...It Was The Right Thing To Do At The Time

Starring at Samois

Scott Baxendale, Cracking the Code on Killer Acoustic Guitar Tone

Denver, Everything That Could Go Wrong, Did Go Wrong

Two Old Harmony Guitars

The Balancing Act

Restoration and Optimization

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