Vol. 19 No.01 Nov 2018

Vol. 19 No.01 Nov 2018
SKU: NOV18V20No1

 The Unobtainable Are Obtainable Once More. The Road Worn Series

The Road Worn Stratocaster, The Best Old "Modern" Strat We Have Ever Played

The Road Worn Telecaster, An Exceptional True Keeper (Forever) An Unbelievable Price

Bob Willcutt, An Accomplished Industry Pro Who Plays What He Sells

Ben Fargen Inspired Amp Builder, Guitar Player And Tone Freak

The Fargen 45 Watt Plexi

Benjamin W. LaGrange Handmade Guitars

An Exquisitely Built Guitar Comes To Us From An Unlikely Location...

How the Louis Electric Tornado Really Rocks

The Jazzmaster, A Different Vintage Sound That Works



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