The Southern Jazzmaster Adventures

This excerpt is from our October 2023 issue. “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.” —John Muir Shake it, don’t break it. If ever there was a mantra around here these days, that’s it. Life is quite a ride in the ever-brief time […]

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Lee Roy’s Abilene Sunset Les Paul

Oh, we have had some Les Pauls over the past twenty years and you have read about them all right here. Goldtops, bursts, a magic black, some with big necks, some not as big, some were featherweights, others heavier, and they all sounded as different as they played and appeared. And then there were the […]

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Valencia Magic

Two of Nacho Baños’ Stratocasters arrive from Valencia, Spain and we dig deep into the unmistakable craftsmanship and artful mojo that makes these guitars so stunningly good… Our November 2019 issue on the Stratocaster chronicled the development of the Stratocaster and its uncertain future throughout the ’50s and early ‘60s in great detail. After a […]

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The White Penguin

Among the rarest of all truly rare guitars is the Gretsch White Penguin— perhaps the most uncommon and elusive electric guitar ever made. A mere handful were built, no more than fifty or so from 1958-1962, and the guitar never appeared in a Gretsch catalog. Adorned with gold sparkle binding originally borrowed from Gretsch drums, […]

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2015 Fender Custom Shop Really Relic Telecaster

A Really Reliced Tele… Sometimes, the folks at the Fender Custom Shop create a relic that is entirely believeable as an old road horse guitar. This is one of those…             There are plenty of Fender relic guitars to be had, but once in a while a genuine relic appears out of no where ready […]

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Larry Cragg Talks Tone

Larry Cragg has been Neil Young’s guitar and amp tech since the early ‘70s. He has also worked with many other artists like Carlos Santana over the years, and he maintains a thriving guitar repair shop while also maintaining an extensive collection of vintage amplifiers available for rental. You could easily describe Larry as a […]

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Unleashing Red Dawg…The Epiphone Dot ES-335

Like the Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster and Telecaster Custom we acquired last month, if you haven’t kept up with what’s been happening at Epiphone, we suggest you get busy. Inspired by our experience with the Squier guitars and Elvin’s lifelong love of cherry red thinlines, we perused the online Epiphone catalog on your behalf, and […]

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