When It Comes To Guitar Speakers We’ve Never Had It So Good

Warehouse Guitar Speakers operates in Paducah, Kentucky, not so far from the original home of CTS speakers that graced amplifiers in the ‘60s like Ampeg. Warehouse has designed and currently produces over twenty custom Alnico and ceramic speakers, and we consider them to be a premium upgrade in all respects. Our latest reviews simply underscore […]

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Celestion Heritage Speakers

Celestion first began on the Thames River in Hampton Wick, England in 1924, producing loudspeakers designed by founder Cyril French and Eric Mackintosh for ‘wireless’radio sets. In 1927 the Celestion Radio Company and Celestion Limited were formed, and by the 1950’s, loudspeaker production had reached 30,000 per week with a staff of 400 employees. The […]

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Eminence Speakers With Founder Bob Gault— His Only Interview!

Among all of the interviews we’ve had the privilege to conduct on your behalf, there has never been a more palpable sense of historical significance permeating the room than on the day we met Bob Gault, founder of Eminence Speaker Corporation, and his son and current CEO, Rob. The company was founded in Eminence, Kentucky […]

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