ToneQuest Report: April 2022 – Vol. 23, No. 6


In the April 2022 issue of ToneQuest, we talk all things Flying V – Albert King, Korina tonewood, and more!



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What's Inside This Issue:

Head, Hands, Knees, and Feet – Forty-nine years after they were built, we awaken the utterly classic sounds of a 1973 ShoBud 6139 10-string pedal steel and a ‘73 Fender 100-watt Vibrosonic 1×15 amplifier. And no, it don’t get no better than this…

‘70s Vibrosonic Specs – The Skinny on the Fat Vibrosonic Reverb.

‘59 Vibrasonic – Pete Townshend’s history with the Fender Vibrasonic amp.

2020 Limited Edition Flying V – Epiphone crafts a Korina edition of the original Flying V that is fully comparable to the ridiculously expensive reissues.

Korina – The essence and mystique of Korina wood.

120th Anniversary Gibson Flying V – In 2015 Gibson built a limited edition of the Flying V. It wasn’t a faithful copy, built with mahogany instead of Korina, but a very good guitar nonetheless at a very fair price. Definitely worth a look!

Albert King – The life and times of Albert King… A typical sharecropper’s son, Albert made his way to Chicago, adopted a familiar name, and made blues history with a Flying V.

Erlewine’s Lucy – We talk with Dan about “Lucy,” Albert King’s guitar built by Dan in 1972, and his work building classic guitars.

Lonnie Mack – A Hoosier with a V… Lonnie Mack made his bones with a Flying V and a Bigsby, best known for his recordings of “Wham” and “Memphis,” along with his recorded jam with Stevie Ray Vaughan, “In Step.”

The Waza-Air… A Phone Call From Home – Riverhorse dives into the digital soundscape of Boss Waza- Air 100% wireless headphones that enable you to get your full groove on and jam with your heroes all from the couch.

Allen Accomplice – David Allen builds a new amp in the spirit of the Deluxe Reverb that may just be better than your old one… It certainly is more versatile with two power levels running 6V6 or 6L6 power tubes and lots of useful tone-shaping features.