ToneQuest Report: December 2021 – Vol. 23, No. 2


Lap Steels Galore! In the December edition of the ToneQuest Report, we interview David Lindley, talk Lap Steel technique and tone, and more!


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What's Inside This Issue:

Interview: David Lindley Dishes On Steel – Lindley is back following his mondo 2005 ToneQuest extravaganza with an entertaining and informative look at the lap steel guitar. You’ll learn how he gravitated to the steel guitar for all those hits with Jackson Browne, his favorite instruments, influences, and the mechanics of his technique. Classic Lindley on display!

Lindley’s Tunings – Start with E according to Lindley or perhaps C7 where Raphael McGregor lives. We have included a comprehensive list of alternate tunings with references for even more. Have at it!

Finger Picks! – You’ll need them… They come in different sizes, steel for your fingers and plastic for your thumb. Available on eBay in many different sizes.

The History Of The Steel Guitar – We reveal all the early lap steel guitar models spanning the ‘30s, ‘40s, and ‘50s, and the renowned players that played them.

Vintage Lap Steels To Covet – You’ll soon discover a treasure trove of old lap steels that are surprisingly affordable, from old Nationals to Rickenbachers, Oahu’s, Magnatones, Supros, and more.

The Classic Steel Players – The seminal steel players from yesterday and today… The players that first put the steel guitar on the map and our contemporaries.

Getting Started On Steel – First, you’re gonna need to tune it… Tunings galore.

Sliding In New York City – Introducing Raphael McGregor… A multifaceted steel player in New York City, Raphael started on 6- string guitar discovered the lap steel, and never looked back. He shares his perspective on inexpensive steel guitars, tunings, and techniques to help get you started on your journey playing the steel guitar.

Technique – How Rafael gets around on the steel. Slide, slant bar, and picking techniques.

Grasping Old Lap Steels – As always, we take the plunge and acquire two classic old steel guitars for review — a beautiful blonde Pearloid ‘40s National and a 1958 mahogany Oahu Tonemaster. Both of these guitars were less than expensive and utterly mind-blowing. All of these old steels were works of art, loaded with incredibly soulful pickups.