ToneQuest Report: Mar 2022 – Vol. 23, No. 5


In the March 2022 issue of ToneQuest, we talk Marshalls, Pickups, and Upgrades!



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What's Inside This Issue:

Rolling Thunder — A Marshall And A Gretsch – Who would have ever thought of pairing a Marshall and a Gretsch? Well, we did thanks to Pete Townshend… Our new JTM45 and Gretsch 6121 DSW channel the unmistakable sound of Who’s Next… Really! You better you bet.

Who’s Next – What will your next gear purchase be, and how deep will you need to dig to get it? We consider many of the most desirable old amps and guitars along with some you might have missed…

PAFs… Definitely Maybe – The most valuable old pickups on earth continue to inspire a quest for tone that seemingly has no end. Can you really resurrect the sound of PAFs with modern reproductions? Builders say yes. We wonder…

Quotes To Remember From The ’70s – You know the truth when you hear it… We unearthed an old GP book from 1979 and found gold in those tattered pages.

3-Tone Cool And Cheap — Squier Classic Vibe Custom Esquire – The Classic Vibe Custom Esquire brings a timeless and affordable design a little closer. Yes, cheap is cool.

James Pennebaker On Steel – How one of our favorite Nashville guitar and fiddle players tackled the pedal steel guitar with an old book by Winnie Winston, head, hands, and feet.

Lap King With Lollars – The Lap King steel with Lollar pickups renders a tone from bygone days.

Cheap Thrills — The Ibanez Roadstar – We get a nice surprise from the ‘80s Ibanez Roadstar.