ToneQuest Report: May 2022 – Vol. 23, No. 7


Our May 2022 Special Edition.

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What's Inside This Issue:

What a gift. A friendship that stands the test of time, if we are lucky enough to have them, is immeasurably life changing. Reflecting back and processing it all, if such a thing is even possible, oh, it brings the biggest smile to these cheekbones. The friendship David and I had for some twenty years started with a simple roadside phone call about an amp. It was the Western Auto from the late 60’s I offered to write about. He said bring it on, and as the conversation ended, he told me to do one thing when I was wrapping it up — “Stick your nose right in that chassis and breathe in those tubes and resistors, that’s your grandmother’s house, Riverhorse.” I did. Times like these it serves us all to celebrate and shine a light on what matters in the brief time we are here.

Let’s cut loose some heartfelt and poignant toasts and stories to cheer on our cherished friend, the one who has brought us all together here with his life work. And on an exceedingly inspiring positive note, let’s all pull together to do right by what he has given us, take care of each other out there, in a world where most things seem digital and fly by night, let’s keep The ToneQuest Report held on high and setting the absolute bar for years to come. See you out there along the path, we will be here.

Riverhorse, Editor-At-Large