ToneQuest Report: October 2009 – Vol. 10 No. 12


  • The Endless Quest For Tone Is Alive And Well… We Explore Mark Karan’s Stage Rig With Rat Dog And A Track-By-Track Review Of His New Solo CD – Walk Through The Fire
  • Interview & Review – Scotty Smith’s Proanalog Supa Quack Wah
  • Review –Mark Karan’s Fuchs ‘Plush’Créme De La Trem
  • Just How Mad Is The Mad Professor? Chief Designer Björn Juhl Discusses The 100 Watt MP101 & Old School 21 Mad Professor Amps, Plus Our Reviews
  • Bird On A Wire For Three Bills And Change…The ‘59 Gibson GA-5 Skylark
  • The Nekkid Truth – Your Burning Questions Answered At The Drive-Thru Window Of Tone With The Founders Of Two Rock Amps
  • Review – A Dumble Book… Finally, Somebody Wrote It.
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