ToneQuest Report: January 2009 – Vol. 10 No. 3


  • Spanish Castle Revisited… One Year After Our Dance With Six Vintage ‘59 Les Pauls And A Motherload Of PAF & Early ‘60s Pickups, Has Anyone Nailed The True Sound And Feel Of Vintage PAFs? Is There A ‘Secret’ To Winding Exceptional Guitar Pickups? We Asked, Builders Delivered…
  • Interviews & Reviews…
  • Tom Holmes
  • Lindy Fralin
  • Roy Bowen
  • Slider
  • Will Boggs Plus… Do You Really Know The Tone Of Your Guitars? Pickup Swaps Can’t Add What Isn’t There… Why We Bought Seven Historic ’59s In 2008
  • Pots, Caps & Covers… Do They Matter, And How Much?
  • Our Favorite Contemporary Humbucking Pickup Set Revealed!
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