ToneQuest Report: December 2009 – Vol. 11 No. 2


  • Playable Art…Ken Parker On Building A New Form For The Acoustic Archtop Guitar, Plus Parker’s Usual Insights & Opinions On What Makes A Superior Instrument
  • The Robben Ford Interview Part II – You Can Only Get It Here… From Fusion Back To The Blues…Tone, Guitars, Pickups, Amps And More!
  • Interview And Review Kentucky Windage…How J.M. Rolph’s ‘58 PAFs Finally Seal The Deal On True PAF Tone
  • Review – Meet The Hogtown Mangler… A Brief History Of Traynor Amps Plus Our Review Of The Traynor YGL-3 Mark III Super Beater Review
  • This Might Could Change Your Life…The ZVex Distortron Distortion Box
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