ToneQuest Report: September 2010 – Vol. 11 No. 11


  • Ted… (Nugent)
  • Tom Guerra Takes A Journey To The Center Of The Mind Of The Byrdland Blaster… The Ted Nugent Interview
  • Love The One You’re With… How Optimizing The Guitars You Already Own Provides Cheap Relief In Tough Times
  • RS Guitarworks’ Roy Bowen On Replacement Pots, Tone Caps, Refins, Repairs And The Variable Nature Of Nickel-Silver
  • Optimizing Junior – Our Historic Les Paul Junior Optimized With RS Parts
  • Primal Scream… Chasing Tone With Wolfetone’s Marshallhead Hi-Octane Humbuckers
  • The Eastman T185 Mx – A Truly Affordable, Semi-Hollowbody Thinline Electric
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