ToneQuest Report: April 2010 – Vol. 11 No. 6


  • Mining Tone In The Coyote Hole, Lucky Strikes & The Big ’58
  • What Is Tone? Now You Know… The Tone Structure Of The Solidbody Guitar Elegantly Revealed In The Beauty Of The ‘Burst’
  • Shooting Craps With Tim Shaw & The Unfathomable Nature Of ‘Tree Physics’
  • Imperfect Perfection… What We Will And Won’t Do To The Big ‘58
  • The ‘76 Silverback… Our Quest To Find And Optimize A Silverface Princeton Reverb That Can Hang With A Blackface
  • Ten Inch Tone! Our Reviews Of Nine Exceptional Tens From Eminence, Celestion & More…
  • Chuck Thornton On Building Small-Batch Masterpieces, His New ‘Classic’ Tribute To The Telecaster, Plus Our Review
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