ToneQuest Report: July-August 2010 – Vol. 11 No. 9-10


  • The Jeff Beck Issue! The Early Years… Heroes, Bands & Gear The Yardbirds… How They Shaped Rock Music For Decades
  • Breaking Out At The Fillmore With Ronnie & Rod
  • Questing Into The Unknown… Deaf & Dumb At A Mega-Decibel Cage Match With BB&A
  • What’s That Chord? The Enduring Influence Of Max Middleton
  • 2010 Tour… Our Interview With Beck’s Tech, Steve Prior
  • The Gear… An Inside Look Into Jeff Beck’s Guitars, Effects And Amplifiers Tube & Speaker Recommendations
  • Fargen Hot Mods, Plus Our Interview With Ben Fargen
  • 2010 Custom Shop ’60 Relic Stratocaster
  • Lee Jackson’s Active Gain Boost
  • Eminence’s Alnico Blue Frame 10s
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