ToneQuest Report: December 2010 – Vol. 12 No. 2


  • Tonal Obsessions Revealed… Standing On A Mountaintop With The One And Only Mighty Echoplex
  • A Brief History Of Echoplex Models
  • The Parkersburg Plex… We Score A Clean Mid-’60s EP-2 For The Price Of A Boo- Teek Pedal Quest Forth With No Fear! Orbit Electronix Founder Tony Dow On Restoration & Maintenance
  • Patent Applied Fortune… Riverhorse Throws Down The Gauntlet On Repro ‘PAFs’
  • Obsessed & Posessed The Lab Experiments Of Dave Stephens
  • Your Next British Amp? The Retroking 18W Reviewed!
  • Meet Mr. Valco’s Hogback Growler
  • The Capacitor Spanish Castle… An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge
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