ToneQuest Report: January-February 2011 – Vol. 12 No. 3-4


  • Analog Bloom… Adrian Legg’s Painstaking Quest To Abandon His Digital Road Rig And Recapture The Ascendant Analog Bloom That Only Valves Can Render (While Avoiding Excess Baggage Charges)
  • Pedals The Cusack
  • Review – Effectrode Effects’ Delta-Trem & Tube Vibe
  • Review – The 1996 Velocette 15 Watt 1×10… Deceptively Stout, Toneful And Ready To Rock. Velocette Speaker Swaps
  • Lost & Found… El Chupacabra & The Sun King– Two Delicious Guitars Come Back To Us
  • Pickups… Sheptone Stephens Design Redux Changing Bridges… Should You Bother?
  • Buying Stuff Is Tuff Enuff How To Choose Your Next Amp
  • Review & Interview – Chihoe Hahn’s 1229
  • Review – C.F. Martin Performing Artist Series
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