ToneQuest Report: March 2011 – Vol. 12 No. 5


  • The Tom Principato Interview… Guitarist Or Arsonist?
  • Meet The Veteran D.C. Blues Player That Gets Our Vote For Most Effectively Burning Down A Room!
  • The Career… (How To Play The Blues For Over 40 Years And Enjoy It)
  • The Gear… Tweed Pros, The Vibroverb & A Confession… (“I’m A Pedal Nut)
  • The Work… New CD, Anniversary DVD & The Book Of 4,000 Chords
  • Another Overdrive Pedal? Tom’s Favorite Lovepedal Revealed
  • Victoria’s Mark Baier On The Magic Of Tweed
  • Review– The Victoria 35115 Pro
  • The Tungsten Crema Wheat Review, Plus Our Interview With Founder Adam Palow
  • Pictures Of Lilly… The 1958 Princeton
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