ToneQuest Report: October 2013 – Vol. 14 No. 12


  • Yes, You Can Go Home Again… Tommy Malone Is Back In NOLA With A New Band, New Guitar, New Record And More Great Music
  • Review – Tommy’s Modified Fender Blacktop Jaguar Recreated
  • Review – Achieving A Tonal Erection With The Z Vex SHO
  • Review – The Grammatico LaGrange amplifier
  • Review – Still One Of The Best Amps We Have EverHeard… The Cornell Plexi 18/20
  • Feature – Message In A Bottle… Chris Hersey, The Bard Of B+
  • Review – The ELEMENT Copperhead
  • Feature – The Country Girl… Why We Unloaded One Of The Best Historic ‘59s We Have Ever Owned
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