ToneQuest Report: November 2013 – Vol. 15 No. 2


  • Que Pasa? More Than You May Know When It Comes To Affordable Guitars
  • Review – Viva La Cabronita! Our Review Of The Squier Cabronita Optimized With Kluson Tuners, Callaham Steel Saddles And CTS Mini Pot
  • Review – The Fender Shoreline Gold Cabronita Thinline Rocks
  • Interview & Review – Mitch Colby On The Colby Jim Weider Signature Dual Tone Booster Amp Plus Our Review
  • Review – Lindy Fralin & Jim Weider’s Big T Tele Pickups
  • Review – The Big Tease… More Upgrades For Our Squier Tele Custom
  • Interview – WD Music Products’ Larry Davis On Klusons
  • Review – Analogman Pedal Fest! Our Reviews Of The COMPROSSOR And Sunbender
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